In a study of India’s pollution, EPIC researchers found compliance with Indian air quality standards would save millions of lives. Through an aggressive outreach campaign, the findings received coverage in almost every major domestic and international outlet, including the New York Times, International Business Times, The Hindu and Economic Times, as well as in social media. One of the researchers appeared on India’s NDTV to discuss the findings, and an op-ed was written in the Indian Express outlining the policy recommendations from the research. In addition to boosting a growing social movement calling for solutions to India’s air pollution, there is evidence that the findings influenced the direction of policy. The analysis and subsequent op-ed called for a greater reliance on civil penalties to provide polluters with an incentive to reduce pollution. In May 2015, an amendment to Indian environmental law was proposed that would do just that, imposing a fine of Rs. 10 crores (GBP 1 million) for egregious violations.

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