Research to Policy Talk Series

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC India) launched its first-ever talk series – Research to Policy in September 2021.

The Research to Policy series brings researchers and practitioners to discuss and decode their research and its application in solving India’s energy and environmental challenges.

The inaugural episode of the first edition of the series launched digitally on September 30, 2021, discussed the critical indoor air pollution issue. The other three episodes of this policy talk series brought to light the topics of power sector reforms, carbon markets, and the impacts of climate change.

“The Research to Policy series offers a platform to the energy and environment sector’s leading researchers to explain their work from a policy lens,” said EPIC India’s Communications Director Ashirbad S Raha.

The shows were moderated by award-winning environmental journalist Bahar Dutt. Bahar said, “Research needs to travel beyond academic journals, and it needs to be communicated in a digestible manner to the world.   I am glad to be moderating this series because we are just aiming at this. We have experts from across the globe, narrate critical research findings like a story that you and I can understand easily, and it feels like – increased awareness can trigger that process of policy change.”

The series was broadcasted via EPIC India’s YouTube Channel and shared on digital media channels, including TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.