The Challenge

Emerging economies face unique challenges as they rapidly improve living standards through sustained economic growth and expanded access to reliable and affordable energy, while reducing pollution to provide a cleaner, healthier environment.

Our Approach

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) launched EPIC-India in 2014 to confront this challenge through cutting-edge research and targeted engagement with local stakeholders. Housed at the University of Chicago’s Centre in Delhi, EPIC-India is employing a comprehensive strategy to affect real change through:

  • Foundational Research to Solve Vital Problems

    EPIC-India designs and evaluates innovative solutions to energy and environmental problems using cutting-edge research approaches, including randomized control trials. Through rigorous research, EPIC-India generates novel insights and new sources of data, and makes these accessible to the public.

  • Policy Engagement to Create Lasting Impact

    EPIC-India works hand-in-hand with government and industry partners to develop and test ideas that could address India’s most pressing energy and environmental challenges. Through these partnerships, EPIC-India aims to turn insights gained through research from India and across the world into public policies that provide lasting benefits

  • Communicating Evidence to Drive Change

    EPIC-India translates research findings into easily-digestible content for traditional and new media sources, and provides a forum where energy and environmental challenges can be discussed. Through innovation competitions, seminars and workshops, EPIC-India reaches out to the broader community to develop and nurture new ideas.

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