The Research to Policy Talk Series – convened by EPIC India is a platform for dialogue and dissemination of energy and environment research to drive policy change in India. The first edition of this series invited experts to discuss and decode their groundbreaking research and its application to solve India’s energy and environmental issues.

The four-episode long series had distinguished panelists in conversation with our moderator – Bahar Dutt, an Indian environmental journalist who is known for her reportage on green issues and has won the Green Oscar award for her reporting on environmental issues in India.

The episodes covered topics such as indoor air pollution’s impact on human health, the need for carbon
markets in India, India’s efforts towards mitigating climate change and as a tool to reduce air pollution, the mounting consequences of climate change and India’s limitations in supplying accessible and reliable power to all.

This policy brief captures the highlights and key takeaways from each episode of the first edition of this series. Click to read the Policy Takeaway Brief.