The Legislators Program 2022 had nine MPs visit the University of Chicago between May 8-12th, 2022. During the trip, the lawmakers met experts from EPIC, Development Innovation Lab (DIL), and the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) at the University of Chicago.
The Program, through high-level interactions, augmented legislators’ knowledge concerning pressing energy and environment-related issues and served as a platform to align individual efforts into collective action. By providing Indian Legislators access to academicians and subject matter experts, the Program served as a platform for exchanging knowledge and discussing solutions to energy, pollution, and climate
change-related problems. Through sharing EPIC’s global and India-specific research findings to inform future public discourse, the Program also helped the legislators co-identify priorities and solutions that can be implemented in specific constituencies. Like previous editions, this year, the multiparty group of legislators was also selected based on their work and interests in energy and the environment.