New Delhi: The University of Chicago has received 250 proposals from across the globe on improving Delhi’s environment. A majority of them offer solutions to the problem of toxic air in the city. A panel will select the proposals following which a detailed report will be prepared.

The initiative is part of the Urban Labs Innovation Challenge (ULIC) that is being run jointly by the university and the Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) to address the problem of pollution.

The proposals submitted are from India, Singapore, China, US and some European countries, but the majority are from Delhi. There are diverse ideas though many of them may not be feasible for implementation. For instance, a ULIC team received a number of proposals on using air purifiers to clean outdoor air with some even suggesting they be installed on mobile vans to be deployed at multiple locations. A committee comprising experts from the fields of energy and environment will review the proposals.

Besides, there are proposals on using masks to protect oneself from dirty air. “Not all the proposals will be feasible for implementation. But we realise that there is tremendous interest in developing solutions to the problem of toxic air,” said Anna Agarwal, senior fellow at the Energy Policy Institute of the university.