Discover the revamped EPIC India website, an all-inclusive hub encompassing our research, engagements, and publications. Experience its fresh interface, enhanced with additional tabs filled with boundless possibilities and key features.  

  • Step into our Compact landing page, which unveils our services and expertise, designed to propel you towards a brighter future.
  • Delve into the Policy Engagement tab and immerse yourself in the world of legislators’ programs held annually, groundbreaking research, and insightful policy talk series. 
  • The Exclusive Videos tab, captures our captivating video storytelling collection and takes you to the heart of our impactful stories.
  • Discover the profound Impact and invaluable Insights created by our work, shaping the landscape of innovation and progress. 
  • With the individual jobs and internships tab, you can now navigate effortlessly through exciting job openings and also invite brilliant minds to join the team. 
  • Beyond the data and information available to you on the website, you can now also stay updated with the latest news and developments, and connect with us through our interactive social media platforms by just clicking the icons on our website.

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