The Maharashtra Star Rating website is being used as an effective tool by citizens in the state to get information about the most polluting industries in their communities. Apart from data on air pollution caused by industries, the website also comprises of innovative engagement tools like an interactive map, a #SaafHawaHero community engagement page and a City Rating page which helps people know about urban air quality in their respective cities. Since it’s inception in June 2017, citizens have been using the website for self awareness and taking various initiatives of their own to contribute towards the objective of clean air in the state.  The programme, run by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, is the first such initiative in India and is proving to be a game changer in the fight against air pollution in Maharashtra, where transparency through easily available information for citizens is helping infuse accountability in the system. The website and it’s features have become an active platform for all stakeholders to engage, share ideas and keep the conversation around clean air going.