Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday announced that the national capital would be attempting to induce artificial rains to tackle the rising pollution. The Minister cleared the confusion over the implementation of the vehicle rationing scheme. He said the government would implement the scheme after it submitted two case studies to the Supreme court and was awaiting its go-ahead to implement the proposal.

Mr. Rai met with experts from IIT Kanpur regarding cloud seeding for the rains. The Delhi government would be receiving a detailed proposal from IIT Kanpur which would be submitted to the Supreme Court. According to estimates, it would be cloudy on November 20-21 and if an approval came through, the plan could be executed on those days.

Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena in a post on X (formerly Twitter) also spoke about the meeting with IIT Kanpur. He said: “A delegation from CII & IIT, Kanpur met to discuss the possibility of cloud seeding – artificial rain in the capital for mitigating the prevalent air pollution. Enquired about the effectiveness of the technology and asked them to submit a concrete proposal.”