Many residents of Delhi spend much of their time inside their homes, unaware of the dangerous pollution levels they are breathing. However, recent advances in technology have allowed households to monitor indoor PM2.5 levels in real-time. By putting monitors in the hands of people, and combining this real-time pollution information with a campaign about the health impacts of air pollution, we aim to capture the impacts of enhancing pollution awareness on defensive actions and the demand for clean air.

The Demand for Clean Air Project (DCAP) aims to understand how access to information on air quality, especially, the level of pollutants present in their immediate surroundings can induce defensive behavior and drive people’s demand for cleaner air.

To assess the same, the project will enroll a few thousand households in the study, and provide information regarding the air quality within their homes. Participants of this study will be randomly divided into three groups. For comparative analysis, each group will receive different levels of information regarding the air quality of their homes.


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