The Data, Policy and Innovation Centre (DPIC) is a 5-year strategic partnership between the Government of Odisha (GoOdisha) and the University of Chicago Trust (UCT), India. The Centre, funded by the Government of Odisha and housed at the E&IT Department, will be the cornerstone enabling rigorous, evidence-based governance, using new advances in econometrics, data science, and machine learning.

Under this partnership, our goal would be threefold:

  1. Creation of a Hub for Modern Data Analysis, which would focus on the use of data to improve the decision-making process in the state of Odisha and lend support by providing insights into the effectiveness of existing programs and suggesting changes to achieve the objectives of the government.
  2. Field Pilots using Randomized Control Trials: Carrying out research, monitoring & impact evaluation, and project implementation in the sectors of Energy and Environment, Health, Education, Agriculture, and Water & Sanitation.
  3. Training and Capacity Building: The creation of a Data, Policy, and Innovation Centre will increase the internal capacity of the GoOdisha personnel by organizing seminars, workshops, and training sessions for government employees.

There are several areas where data-driven policy analysis might add significant value to existing policy ideas in Odisha. These include School attendance and Learning outcomes(Education); Improving crop yields and Water availability for farmers (Agriculture); Renewable energy and Reducing distribution losses (Energy), Smart city initiatives (Bhubaneshwar Smart City Project), Climate change and Pollution (Environment).

Project Partners