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EPIC-India’s staff and researchers are passionate about driving change in India. Currently, we are hiring for several positions with varied expertise. Be part of our team! You can also send your resume to if you want to be part of the talent pool.

Program Consultant

EPIC-India is looking for a Program Consultant based in India to provide Research and Policy support to the EPIC India team on projects, including but not limited to projects on Air Pollution with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) and coordinate with stakeholders at GNCTD to provide advisory and execution support to EPIC India staff on air pollution research projects among others.

Location: New Delhi, India Start Date: As early as possible


India faces the dual challenge of rapidly improving living standards—through sustained economic growth and expanded access to reliable and affordable energy—while simultaneously reducing pollution for a cleaner and healthier environment. EPIC India researchers work hand-in-hand with government and industry partners to identify innovative ideas, pilot them on the ground, and rigorously measure outcomes. 

Program Description:  

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago Trust in India (EPIC India at UCT) has entered into a partnership with GNCTD to encourage evidence-based policy innovation in combating air pollution in the NCT of Delhi. Since the partnership’s inception, the EPIC India team has supported the design and implementation of several air pollution abatement initiatives. 

Specific Responsibilities: 

1. Provide Research and Policy support to the EPIC India team on projects, including but not limited to projects on Air Pollution with GNCTD that include:  

  • Audits to determine the scale of dust generated in small-sized construction and demolition (C&D) sites in Delhi. 
  • Recommendations for the dust committee to manage the C&D Dust generated in residential areas.  
  • Knowledge support to the environment department in the Summer Action Plan and Winter Action Plans. 
  • Recommendation and implementation of strategies to improve the reporting on construction and demolition dust self-assessment portal by proponents. 
  • Recommendations on improving the uptake of the Green Delhi Application.

2. Coordinate with stakeholders at GNCTD to provide advisory and execution support to EPIC India staff on air pollution research projects.

3. Following up on requisite file movements to streamline bureaucratic processes and ensure approvals from concerned officials at the department. 

4. Develop a consistent channel of communication with the Manager of EPIC India responsible for overseeing the Partnership, to deliver regular updates and program deliverables. 

5. Assist the EPIC India team in organising knowledge exchange seminars and workshops with outcome reports. 

6. Ensure that the EPIC India team is provided information on projects undertaken by allied organizations in collaboration with the GNCTD to allow for the development of synergies.  

 Deliverables: The consultant will have six key deliverables for the Program Consultant: 

  1. Provide monthly reports on work completed specific to Air Pollution initiatives of EPIC – due every month. 
  2. Audit report detailing the quantification of dust emissions from small-scale construction and demolition (C&D) sites in Delhi, offering actionable data to support EPIC India’s Air Pollution projects in partnership with GNCTD, due in August 2024. 
  3. Report on Recommendations to the dust committee for effective management of C&D dust in residential areas September 2024. 
  4. Reports on the implementation of actions outlined in the Summer and Winter Action Plans for Delhi NCT, due in the first week of July and of February respectively. 
  5. 6 monthly analysis reports of the Green Delhi Application data and recommendations towards improvement of the application’s uptake.  
  6. Event reports on knowledge exchange seminars and workshops conducted as a part of the environment department partnership, due after one week of every seminar/workshop/event.  

Intellectual Property Rights: 

All items produced from this project will be owned by the University of Chicago Trust. 

Qualifications and Experience  

  • A master’s in Economics, Public Policy, Environment Policy or Science or another related field with a minimum of three years of work experience. If the candidate has a bachelor’s degree in the related field, at least four years of work experience is needed. 
  • Strong analytical and programme management skills, with the ability to cultivate key relationships within the Environment Department and project stakeholders 
  • Enterprising nature with the ability to multi-task and manage different research. 
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Additional knowledge of Hindi is preferred. 

Contact details: 

Interested individuals can submit their documents to including a resume, cover letter and 2 professional references (Name and Contact Details). 

This consultant role will be 11 months in duration, without benefits. Renewal of the contract is subject to availability of funds.


Apply by: 28th April, 2024 

Proposed Start Date: As early as possible 

Location: New Delhi, India 

About the Trust 

The University of Chicago Trust (the Trust) is a charitable trust in India, established in 2008 by an alumnus of The University of Chicago. The objectives of the UChicago Trust are to provide opportunities for grants to support educational programs, research programs and activities for the betterment of India.